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Pumps repair

Eurofiliales is specialized in maintenance and repair of rotating machines, our technical teams carry out the disassembly and expertise until refurbishment of your installations. Eurofiliales is the leader in the supply of adaptable spare parts for all types and brands for pumps and mechanical seals using reverse engineering.

With 29 years of experience, Eurofiliales offers a complete solution for refurbishment either in our workshop in France or in our local workshops (Congo, Angola, Nigéria).

For all your projects, our skills and our expertise resources bring you a diagnosis and a perennial solution

Our workshops are equipped with all necessary material for disassembly and reassembly of your pumps. From the OH type pump through vertical pumps to the BB5 type, we provide a complete expertise

All our services comply with the requirements of API 610 and ISO 9001/TS 29001standards. Thus, Eurofiliales guarantees a complete service to overhaul your pumps with original performances and qualities.


As operating conditions may change over the years, our teams propose adaptable spare parts from reverse engineering with or without improvements for your pumps.

For more than 29 years of experience, Eurofiliales is the pioneer in reverse engineering and improvement of your existing installations.

Our team of technicians specialized in reverse engineering can intervene on site or in our local workshops (Congo, Angola, Nigeria). The local metrology equipment, such as last generation portable measuring arms equipped with 3D scanner, allow us to intervene at noticeably short notice.

Our experts work together to provide you the most effective solution for the pump repair. Thanks to our know-how, we suggest to you the most suitable solution for your process.

Our goal is to offer you a MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) improvement. Our upgrade’s solutions combine reliability, controllable costs, and quick implementation.

New pumps

Eurofiliales is a partner of major European pump brands.

According to ISO 5199 or API 610 standards, Eurofiliales offers a wide variety of standard centrifugal pumps, ranging from 1 to 20 000 m3 / h, design OH, BB or VS.

Our broad range of centrifugal pumps can be adapted according to your application: steel, stainless steel, or duplex/super duplex metallurgy, sealing by single, double, mechanical seal API 682, dry gas seal, ATEX motor, standard SKID or API 610.

To give you the best solution, our experts will contact you to provide advice and validate the requested operating conditions