• Eurofiliales expertise and diagnose on all increaser and reducer gearboxes, on site or in workshop
  • Repair of all brands of gearboxes/increasers, for power ranging from 1 KW to 5000 KW.
  • Dynamic balancing of gearboxes according to ISO 21940 standard.
  • Supply of adaptable spare parts.

Reducer, multiplier or angle gear for OH, VS or BB pumps, Eurofiliales advises you and proposes you the maintenance and the repair of your equipment according to the required specifications of the API 613.


The couplings are used to transmit the rotational movement of the motor or turbine to the pump.

Its selection and maintenance must consider several parameters and directly affect the safety of operators on site.


Rigid or flexible coupling, Eurofiliales will advise you on the maintenance or replacement according to the mechanical and dimensional constraints, all in compliance with the API 671 standard.

  • Eurofiliales expertise on site or in workshop
  • Overhaul on all types and all brands.
  • Balancing on request
  • Supply of maintenance kit.